Our Core Values

Who we are ?

We are a community of LIFEGIVERS,
working together in building God’s Kingdom.

What we do ?

At Swift, we value relationship;
At work, we work on relationship;
We bend to build on relationship;
Relationship is our core value.

At Swift, relationship is Love;
Love flourishes on relationship;
Love is Life;
Life is all about Giving.

Living our Vision – fulfills our mission;
As LIFE-GIVERS we Feed The World.

How we do it ?

Developing ourselves through
the eye’s of humility.
Through Him and in Him,
in union with the Holy Trinity,
we are able to live our life as LIFE-GIVERS.
How are we measured?

the fruit we bear is;

Love, Joy, Peace,
Kindness, Patience,
Generosity, Faithfulness,
Gentleness & Self-control